Rumor: Galaxy Note to find its way to Verizon and Sprint as Galaxy Journal

This is definitely not the first time that different carriers had different names for virtually the same device. The latest rumors indicate that the Galaxy Note will be found on Verizon and Sprint later this year. They may also carry the name Galaxy Journal instead of Galaxy Note.

According to an “industry analyst” that spoke with the Examiner, the device is “certainly” coming to Verizon and Sprint during the first half of the year, potentially as the Galaxy Journal.

AT&T has already announced its variant of the Galaxy Note. Would you like to see more carriers offer this 5.3 inch hybrid device?

Source: Examiner via Droid Life

Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus announced

A new version of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus was just announced at CES. This version is called Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus. Just like the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, it has a slightly different hardware design with the same basic specs. It was manufactured to sell in countries where Apple and Samsung have ongoing legal battles to circumvent any import bans.

So what is different about the Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus? It has forward facing speakers that are visible. This will make the tablet sound louder and clearer (probably).

It costs €600 and comes in white and gray.

Source: Best Boyz via Slash Gear

GTA III For Android

GTA III has been out for Android since December 15th. What is this game? GTA III is the more commonly known name for Grand Theft Auto 3. This is a sandbox styled game (Open World, you can do what you want) and was originally introduced for Playstation 2 in 2001 by the game development company Rockstar. It is set in a fictional city called Liberty City (Based off of New York City).

It is the first game in the Grand Theft Auto series to be produced with the use of a 3D Game Engine. It has combined elements of Third-Person-Shooters and driving games.

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Galaxy Note announced for AT&T

Just like we reported earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Note has found its way to AT&T. This AT&T model has a few characteristics differentiating it from the unlocked model. First, there are no physical buttons on the bottom. There are instead four capacitive buttons. Second, there is an LTE chipset in this handset for use on AT&T’s new LTE network with very promising speeds. The last difference is the 1.5 GHz processor instead of the 1.4 GHz processor found on the unlocked version. Since, Samsung did not come out and say that the 1.5 GHz processor will be Exynos, it is likely that it is not. The 1.4 GHz Exynos is probably better than the 1.5 GHz processor on the AT&T variant. The device still does seem snappy though.

The devices will come in either blue or white on an unannounced date.

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