Galaxy Tab 10.1 teardown

Teardowns are always fun. Why? You get to see all the cool circuits and whatnot that make the device work. Tech Republic did a great teardown of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 this month.

Source: Tech Republic

Android tablets now have 30% market share

Android tablets sure have come a long way since last year. Back in Q2 of 2010, Android only held 2.9% of the tablet market. Now they have made the jump all the way up to 30%, second only to the iPad which has a firm grip on 61.3% of the market.

The original Galaxy Tab started this trend and now the Galaxy Tab 10.1v, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and more are going to bring Android tablets to the number one spot.

Source: BGR via Android Police

UK Galaxy Tabs Gingerbread update is out now

Just as we reported earlier, the UK has already begun rolling out the Gingerbread update to the original 7 inch slates. It has taken Samsung ages to get this update out, but it is here at last. Unfortunately, the update is not OTA (over the air), but instead requires Samsung’s desktop client for the Galaxy Tab called Kies.

Report back your experiences with downloading the update.

Source: Unwired View

Get the TouchWiz UX update August 3rd in NYC

The long awaited (or dreaded for some) TouchWiz UX update is coming to NYC on August 3rd. NYC was also the first to buy the Galaxy Tab 10.1. You have to literally go in to the Samsung Experience center in New York City to grab the update. They will manually sideload the update on to anybody’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 that wants it. The doors open to the public at 1:00 PM.

Earlier in the day Samsung shows off all the features of TouchWiz UX to the media. You can read about what the update brings here. An over the air update will be rolled out to everybody else soon. You do not have to wait though, because XDA has a leaked version that you can install if you so choose.

Source: Slash Gear

Gorilla glass found on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The original Galaxy Tab was fortified by Corning Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is an extremely strong glass that is used on over 425 electronic devices. The latest of which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Check out a video below of somebody trying their hardest to damage the screen of the original Galaxy Tab shielded by Gorilla Glass.

Source: Business Wire via GSM Arena