German Galaxy Tab 10.1

German court rules in favor of Apple and grants an injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple has gained some traction in one of the cases against the Galaxy Tab 10.1. German courts granted an injunction that is effective immediately. The injunction will prevent the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be sold in Germany or any other country in the European Union except the Netherlands.

I am not 100% sure if that is the case though. The source (This is my Next) reports that the Tab will not be available in the EU until this is sorted out but also includes an official response from Samsung that seems to contradict that. Read it for yourself after the break.

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Galaxy Tab TouchWiz UX Screenshot

Galaxy Tab 10.1 software update available now

Samsung said that the update would be available today and it is! You can update it now by going to Settings > About Tablet > System Updates > Update. Your device will then begin downloading the 188 MB software update. Once it has finished downloading, the device will reboot and spend roughly 15 minutes installing the update. That is it! It is a painless update.

Look out for an in-depth look at the update this weekend.

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Original Galaxy Tab gets video calling support with Skype

Skype has slowly been allowing more devices use video calling. The original Galaxy Tab just received support for this feature. You can even video call over 3G!

If you have the original Galaxy Tab, then you can download Skype for free from the Android Market.

There is no official support for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at this time though. It looks like the original Galaxy Tab owners are the lucky ones this time.

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