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Widgets for your Honeycomb powered desktop

Widgets are and always have been a marquee feature of Android. One of the benefits of having a tablet sized screen is access to widgets that can provide more information than those found on smart phones. If you’re the kind of person who’s on their tablet more than a traditional computer, widgets can help you access information…

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Quick Look: Android Market July 2011

A few days ago, Google announced that they intended to update the Android Market for all devices running 2.2+. This of course means a polished and beautiful new Market for the original Galaxy Tab. Over the past 24 hours leaks of the apk have to trickle out all over the internet, and it’s expected that Google will push an official update in the coming days.

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gun bros

App of the Week – Gun Bros

Gun Bros is an epic 3D shooter by Glu Mobile and has earned its place here in App of the Week. This free game is perfect for passing the time on either you original Galaxy Tab or your new Galaxy Tab 10.1. The concept of the game is fairly simple. You and an AI partner shoot all of the alien creatures without getting hurt. If you survive a wave without getting hurt, then you will get bonus points.

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