Galaxy Tab 8.9

Galaxy Tab 8.9 up for preorder… with shipping date

That’s right boys and girls, the elusive Galaxy Tab 8.9 is finally about to land on US shores. Note that this is not the 1.5 GHz LTE model, but instead the 1 GHz Wi-Fi only model. That might be a disappointment for some, but it is what was promised by Samsung earlier this year.

Best Buy has them up for pre-order now for $469.99 and $569.99 for 16 GB and 32 GB respectively. That is $30 cheaper than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it is more portable. Which is better? That is for you to decide when they ship out between September 25th and 30th.

Source: Best Buy (1), (2)

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Samsung HDTV

Buy a Samsung TV get a Galaxy Tab 10.1 free at Best Buy

If you are in the market to buy a new big screen TV, then this might be something to consider. From August 21st to 27th when you buy a Samsung HDTV for $1499 or more you receive one 16 GB Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi free. That is quite a good deal considering that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 costs $500 (1/3 the cost of the HDTV). Is an $1499+ HDTV in your price range?

Source: Slash Gear

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launches June 8th in NYC, June 17th Nationwide

3… 2… 1… uproar! The Galaxy Tab will not be readily available in the USA until June 17th. The June 8th launch date that Samsung announced will still hold true for one Best Buy store in New York City. Thanks a lot Samsung.

The prices for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are staying the same $499 for 16 GB and $599 for 32 GB. It also looks like there will NOT be a microSD card slot included in the Wi-Fi Tab.

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Best Buy

Best Buy puts up Galaxy Tab 10.1 Page

With the release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 just eight days away, Best Buy decided it was time to throw up their product page for it. This means that Best Buy will be selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1. There is no release date posted, but it is safe to assume that it will be the same June 8th we have been hearing about since CTIA. Another interesting not is the lack of a price. This is an indicator that Samsung is still wrestling over the price points of their spectacular device. Hopefully they choose $399 instead of $499.

Best Buy lists in the specs that it is powered by Tegra 2, so that pretty much ends the debate as to what CPU/GPU it has.

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