Bug fixes

Minor OTA update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung rolled out a small OTA update yesterday bringing bug fixes to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi. There is no sign of a changelog but the download is 3.22 MB. The new version number is P7510UEKME.

The whole process took about ten minutes. That seems like a long time for a 3.22 MB file, but what are you going to do. Be sure to be patient while the Tab updates and not try to power it off or on manually because it could harm your device.

I have not noticed any of the bug fixes yet and it is too soon to tell if there is any speed increase. I would recommend you download this if you have the TouchWiz UX update because it will fix minors bugs.

To get the update just go to Settings > About Tablet > Software Update > Update.

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