Pocket Soccer

Tablet Gaming for 2: Pocket Soccer

When it comes to tablet gaming, the titles that seem to get the most attention are those that feature the latest graphics, the most action for your dollar. It comes as no surprise that the Android Market is filled with games that you may have never heard of that give your tablet new life with each play. Case in point; Pocket Soccer by RasterGrid Entertainment. This game has been out for quite a while, originally being released for phones as a single player only experience, and has since grown to include local multiplayer in addition to other much requested features.

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gun bros

App of the Week – Gun Bros

Gun Bros is an epic 3D shooter by Glu Mobile and has earned its place here in App of the Week. This free game is perfect for passing the time on either you original Galaxy Tab or your new Galaxy Tab 10.1. The concept of the game is fairly simple. You and an AI partner shoot all of the alien creatures without getting hurt. If you survive a wave without getting hurt, then you will get bonus points.

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cut the rope

App Review: Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope has been on the most wanted list of android gamers everywhere, and the wait is finally over. As of right now you can currently download an ad supported free version of Cut the Rope from Getjar.com, but it appears that a 99 cent ad free version of the game is hitting the official Android Market in a few days. Is this iOS port worth your time and cash? Find out after the break.

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Kami Retro

App Review – Kami Retro

Every now and again we come across an app that truly shows how the original Galaxy Tab 7 can still hang with the latest and greatest tablets out there. Enter: Kami Retro, a new title from game developer Gamevil (of Zenonia fame) . With a unique yet gorgeous art style and tight controls, Kami Retro skyrocketed up my personal game favorites list, very fast.

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