Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note rooted

The Galaxy Note just came out in the UK and it is already rooted. XDA folks have even put the custom Clockwork Mod recovery on this mammoth of a phone. The rooting method is simple, just flashing a .zip with Clockwork Mod. Check out the source link for further details. Source: XDA Developers via The…

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TouchWiz Screenshot

Grab the TouchWiz update early from XDA

We have been waiting for the TouchWiz update for a few weeks now, but it has made its way out via unofficial channels. All you crazy hackers can install the ROM early thanks to XDA. Some of you might be thinking about skipping out on the update completely and based on the responses on the XDA thread, you will be missing out. Users are reporting that it is faster and smoother with improved widgets. That is right TouchWiz UX is actually faster than stock Android. I never thought I would see the day.

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Source Code Tweet

Samsung releases Galaxy Tab 10.1 kernel source code

It looks like Samsung Mobile has released the source code for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now this is not the Honeycomb operating source code that many have been waiting for Google to release to the public, but it is the source code to the kernel. A lot of manufacturers have been releasing source codes of their products to make developing for them easier. It begs the question as to why Samsung locked the bootloader on the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

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