No Galaxy Tab 10.1 for Germany. Ever. (Update)

The German court made a final decision today to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 permanently. Sorry German folks but the court rules in defense of Apple claiming that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was too similar to the design of the iPad 2. The doctored pictures did not seem to change the court’s mind.

I am not sure what the fate of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be or what this means for the rest of Europe. All I know is that I am very disappointed.

Update: This may have been premature, but it does not look good for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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European ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 extended

Samsung had a chance to appeal to the German court on Thursday, but alas the injunction shall stay in affect until a final decision is made on September 9th. This is two days after Samsung’s IFA event where they will likely announce a new Galaxy Tab 7.7.

The court claims that there are “overarching similarities” between the two tablets. We can only hope that the ban will get lifted.

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Apple Photoshop?

Apple altered images in European court injunction

As you all probably know by now, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is banned from Europe until the court makes a final decision. The German court did already grant an injunction in the mean time to prevent Samsung from importing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 into the European Union.

Recent evidence has come out though that Apple may have altered images found in the case. The Apple iPad has a 4:3 screen and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a 16:10 screen. The iPad in the picture has a 4:3 ratio, which is correct. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 had somewhere between a 4:3 and a 16:10 ratio instead of the correct 16:10. It appears that Apple Photoshopped the picture slightly to make the devices look similar. It also doesn’t help Apple’s case that the example photo is of the app drawer rather than the homescreen. The iPad’s homescreen and the Galaxy Tab’s homescreen are vastly different.

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You can buy the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany while supplies last

The German court ruling banned Samsung from importing any more Galaxy Tab 10.1s into Germany or any other country in the European Union. Samsung had already imported Galaxy Tab 10.1s into Germany before the ban was in place. So you can head out and grab a Galaxy Tab for €469 now before supplies are gone.

Samsung is going to contest the injunction on August 25th in Germany so if you are not able to buy a Galaxy Tab 10.1 before the supplies run out, then the wait may not be very long.

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