Overcome ROM comes to Galaxy Tab 10.1

Team Overcome has released their first ROM for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. For those of you that do not know, the Overcome ROM was among the most popular ROMs available for the Original Galaxy Tab.

There are not many ROMs yet available for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, so this one is definitely welcome!

My mission is simple. I aim to vastly improve the stock user experience on Samsung devices. I think that Samsung makes fantastic hardware, however fails to bring the same level of software quality to their devices. This is where I step in. I take the base rom, as provided by Samsung, and perform further optimization and modification to it. My mods aim not to completely customize the user interface, but rather add some very useful key functionality while retaining the “stock android” look.
– AlterBridge86, (Creator of Overcome)

Let me know if you would like a review of this ROM or any other.

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Source: XDA

Stop your Galaxy Tab 10.1 from showing mobile websites

Mobile websites are a good idea for phones because they have small screens and have to load data over 3G, but they are not nearly as great on tablets with larger screens and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Fixing this permanently requires you to replace the framework-res.apk located in /system/framework. You need some basic knowledge about modifying Android devices to do this. If you are competent enough, then you can continue.

Just download the correct framework for your firmware version and push it over to /system/framework. You can find your firmware version go into Settings > About tablet > Build number.

For 7510 WIFI tablet

  • For GT-P7510 UEKMB (only) UEKMB
  • For GT-P7510 XXKG8 (only) XXKG8
  • For GT-P7510 XXXFC (only) XXXFC
  • For GT-P7510 UEKF3 (only) UEKF3
  • For GT-P7510 UEKM7 (only) UEKM7

For 7500 3G tablet

  • For GT-P7500 XWKG1 [3G] (only) XWKG1
  • For GT-P7500 XXKG7 [3G] (only) XXKG7
  • For GT-P7500 XXKFF [3G] (only) XXKFF Cw version XXKFF

Source: XDA

Grab the TouchWiz update early from XDA

We have been waiting for the TouchWiz update for a few weeks now, but it has made its way out via unofficial channels. All you crazy hackers can install the ROM early thanks to XDA. Some of you might be thinking about skipping out on the update completely and based on the responses on the XDA thread, you will be missing out. Users are reporting that it is faster and smoother with improved widgets. That is right TouchWiz UX is actually faster than stock Android. I never thought I would see the day.

There are two methods of getting this done – Clockwork Recovery and Odin. If you do not know what these are, then you should probably just wait for the official OTA update to roll out. But if you really want it, then visit the XDA link below to learn how.

Clockwork Recovery

  1. Copy pershot’s update.zip to /sdcard
  2. Power off your device
  3. Turn on your device by holding the power button and the volume down key at the same time
  4. Select the recovery option by using Volume Down to switch option and Volume Up to select
  5. Do a full wipe
  6. Choose a zip to flash from sdcard
  7. Once installed reboot system
  8. Wait 5 – 10 minutes for it to boot (be patient)
  9. Done! :D


  1. Power off your device
  2. Press and hold the Power Button and Volume Down button until you reach the Recovery/Download chooser.
  3. Press Volume Up to enter Download Mode
  4. Start Odin.exe on your computer
  5. Untick the ‘Auto Reboot’ option.
  6. Press the PDA button and select the *****.tar.md5 file
  7. Plug your Tablet into the PC (Odin should now show connected)
  8. Press Start button in Odin
  9. Wait until it shows All Threads Completed… Do not unplug or fiddle with anything!
  10. Once completed unplug your device and press and hold the power button to power off.
  11. Use the method in step 2 to boot up your device but this time select Recovery Mode instead of Download Mode (Volume down switches option, Volume Up selects)
  12. In Recovery mode do a Factory Reset/Wipe (if you don’t have Clockwork recovery this will do a SD card wipe as well)
  13. Reboot your device
  14. Done! :D


  • Email app doesn’t let you sync (Gmail still works fine)
  • Samsung apps app wont start due to no sim card


All credit goes to the fine people at XDA. If you have any questions, just go to the source link below.

Source: XDA

How to Root the Galaxy Tab with Super One Click

We showed you how to root your Tab using z4root earlier this year, now we are going to show you how to root with Super One Click.

I would recommend trying z4root before attempting Super One Click, but z4root does not always work. For example the latest firmware update on the Sprint Galaxy Tab disable the exploit z4root uses.

Rooting with Super Once Click is still fairly simple though. It just requires a PC with Samsung Kies and Super One Click installed. Download Samsung Kies and Super Once Click.

  1. Disable USB Debugging and sync the Tab with Samsung Kies.
  2. Disconnect it and enable USB Debugging from Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.
  3. Reconnect to the PC with Kies closed.
  4. Launch SuperOneClick.exe on your PC.
  5. Click root and you are done.

That seems like a lost of steps and can be very intimidating, but it is really simple if you take it one step at a time. My Galaxy Tab was not able to sync with Samsung Kies, but it was still able to be rooted all the same. Check out XDA for further instructions.

1.4 GHz Overclock Available for Sprint Galaxy Tab

Was the 1.2 GHz overclock not extreme enough for you? Hopefully this will get your adrenaline pumping. Bauxite over at XDA recently released version 2.0 of his overclock kernel. Even though the kernel is on version 2.0, the developer still considers it extremely alpha code.

If you still want to proceed then you must have a Sprint Galaxy Tab. There is not yet support for the Verizon Tab on this version. Also there is no EXT4 support either. If you do not know what that means, then do not try to overclock your Tab. You will likely brick or damage it.

So far the reports are mixed. Some were able to flash the kernel without a hitch, and others bricked their device.

The installation instructions are the same as before. Just flash the zImage over to your Tab in download mode. The process should only take a few seconds. After you have successfully flashed it, you need to install the voltage control app.

Are any of you brave enough to overclock your Tab to 1.4 GHz?

Source: XDA