Galaxy Tab Torn Down

Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab has a Different Processor and GPU

On the outside the cheaper Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab seems to be exactly the same as the original Galaxy Tab sans the 3G radios, but that is not the case. For some reason Samsung chose not to include their 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. When the Galaxy Tab first came out, the price of the processor was estimated at around $8. Hardware prices always go down as time goes by, so it could easily cost around $5 or $6 by now. Even if the weaker chipset Samsung included in the Wi-Fi Tab was free and the Hummingbird chip cost $8, it is unacceptable for Samsung to choose to cripple the device for $8 more profit.

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Verizon launching refreshed Galaxy Tab with LTE and 1.2 GHz

CES is full of surprises, good ones so far. Verizon just announced that it is launching a new version of the Galaxy Tab on their 4G LTE network. Of course it will also work on their 3G network.

Additionally Verizon and Samsung felt the need to increase the camera’s resolution from 3 to 5 MP. This is a welcome increase. The camera never seemed to impress me, but hopefully this one will.

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