Android Market’s 10 Billion Promo

To celebrate the Android Market’s 10 Billionth application download, Google is having ten days of sales. The first day of sales is already a great one. There are ten apps on sale for only a dime! The apps are SoundHound ∞, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, Minecraft – Pocket Edition, SwiftKey X Keyboard, Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO, Great Little War Game, SketchBook Mobile, Fieldrunners HD, Color & Draw for kids:phone, and Paper Camera.

Check them out for yourself!

Source: Android Market

Galaxy Tab has sold over 2 million units

Well they have shipped them at least. Honestly there is not much of a difference, in a few days the customers will have bought them and it then they will have sold the units. Samsung credits their success with the fact that it is sold on 200 carriers in 94 countries!

The sales are being stifled of course by the uncertainty of Android 3.0 on the current Galaxy Tab model. Recently I saw that it has been ported to the Nook Color E-Reader. It was not very robust, but the Galaxy Tab has superior specs than the Nook. With out a doubt there will be Android 3.0 on the Galaxy Tab through unofficial channels and possibly through official ones.

In the same period of time after its launch (three months) the iPad had sold over seven million units. This is largely due to the lower price point with the Wi-Fi version of the tablet.

The Galaxy Tab is still the most popular Android powered tablet by an enormous margin.

Source: Electronista

Wow… Over one million Galaxy Tabs have been sold now!

The Galaxy Tab has only been widely available for about a month and America has had for even less time, but Samsung managed to push over 1,000,000 of these 7″ tablets out despite the fact that there is still no Wi-Fi only variant in sight.

Now let’s compare this to the iPad’s opening month. Apple reported that it sold 1,000,000 tablets in just under a month (28 days). These figures are nearly identical. Keep in mind that Apple only sold the cheaper Wi-Fi only version of the iPad during this time, which put it at a better price point.

Samsung has set a new goal to sell 500,000 more Tabs this calendar year bringing their total sales figures to 1,500,000. Continue reading

Over 600,000 Galaxy Tabs Have Been Sold!

That is right, in less than a month the Tab has been picked up by 600,000 smart buyers. This is especially impressive considering that the lowest off contract Tab is $600 USD. Honestly I can’t believe that it has picked up so much. I knew that this device would be sweet, but I didn’t expect everybody else to realize this too! Even the president of Russia has been playing with this tablet. Continue reading