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Google Search updated for tablets

Google finally got around to updating Google Search on the web for tablets. In the past tablets were always sent to the desktop version of Google, but that was obviously designed for desktops. The mobile version was not a good fit either. So Google tweaked the desktop version with tablets in mind. Basically the certain elements are larger and more touch input friendly. Go ahead and give it a try by going to on your Honeycomb 3.1+ tablet.

Source: Google

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Galaxy Q, a 5.3 inch phone/tablet hybrid?

Last summer, Dell released its 5 inch Dell Streak which made people start to think about the phone/tablet hybrid possibility. Samsung is rumored to be working on the same thing. The rumor is that they will announced a 5.3 inch phone called Galaxy Q this September at IFA 2011.

The report suggests that the phone will have 4G connectivity via an LTE connection as well as a Super AMOLED Plus display. I have played with Samsung’s 4.5 inch Infuse, which packs a Super AMOLED Plus display, and the screen is beyond stunning. The only drawback is that the screen resolution is stuck at 800 x 480. If Samsung can bump the resolution up to say qHD (960 x 540), then no other screen could hold a candle to its beauty.

Would you be interested in a 5.3 inch phone by Samsung?

Source: Yahoo via Slash Gear

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