Original Galaxy Tab gets video calling support with Skype

Skype has slowly been allowing more devices use video calling. The original Galaxy Tab just received support for this feature. You can even video call over 3G!

If you have the original Galaxy Tab, then you can download Skype for free from the Android Market.

There is no official support for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at this time though. It looks like the original Galaxy Tab owners are the lucky ones this time.

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Swype 3.0 Beta Available, Includes bonuses for Honeycomb users – VIDEO

A few weeks ago, the App of the Week was FlexT9, a keyboard that could do it all. Most notably was the ability to swipe or tap the words out. Swype on the other hand has never really had the option to tap out words. You could, but there was no predictive text or autocorrect which made it a headache. It made it impossible for me to warrant using it because of the pain typing in URLs was in the browser. Now Swype 3.0 Beta introduces predictive tap-typing.

Read more for more information, the video, and the download link.

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