GalaxyTabs.com statistics

GalaxyTabs.com has come a long way from when it launched back in August 2010. The traffic rapidly increased until August 2011 when it started to settle. Last month, April, saw 38,711 unique visitors visiting the site 51,896 times for a total of 125,959 pageviews. The most popular month GalaxyTabs.com has ever seen was January 2012….

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Forums are Live! Start Posting!

Hey guys the forums are currently up. Go ahead and register and start posting. I am sorry that it requires you to register, but if anybody could post, it would be full of spam bots.

I would really love to connect with you guys on the forums. A lot of you are very knowledgeable and passionate about the Galaxy Tab line. A lot of you also have questions about the Galaxy Tab and my email is flooded with them. Instead I ask all those with a question to either leave a comment on a related post or post in the forums.

Go ahead and introduce yourself in the forums today!

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